Gazpacho is a chilled blend of raw vegetables with history traced back to the Andalusia region of Spain in Roman times. Gazpacho’s superfood ingredients have tons of health benefits : hydrating, Vitamin C packed, anti-oxidant rich, blood pressure reducing and immunity boosting, to name a few.

Sunset Gazpacho Co. is made by 4th Generation Gazpacho makers from Spain, living in Venice, California. 

We chug gazpacho from the bottle.  It’s that good. We’ve transformed the traditional soup into a savory beverage, perfect as a quick energizing snack on the go, or as a meal. Sort of like a fresh salad in a bottle.

Our ingredients are pure. No preservatives and no supplements. We use fresh ingredients packed with nutrients to give you a natural energizing, pick me up. Gulp down a bottle to feel instantly transported to the Mediterranean coast on a hot summer day. Magic.

We love gazpacho because it's clean, refreshing, super delicious and just really good for you. Contact us for orders!

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